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Steel Fabrication in Essex

Structural steelwork by professionals based in Essex and providing services throughout London and the outer regions.

Diverse Range

The team at Purfleet Fabrications (UK) Ltd, fabricate and erect structural and architectural steelwork for a diverse range of market sectors including industrial, retail and residential.

Efficient services

Because we carry out in-house fabrication we do not have to rely on other companies or subcontractors. This means we can deliver a fast and efficient service every time. We provide a full design and fitting service, so we will be with you from conception to completion.

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Whatever your structural needs, we can help. We fabricate and erect all structural and architectural steelwork including gates, railings, balustrades and handrails along with fire escapes, stairways and much more.

Steel Fabrication in Essex

We cover Essex, London, and the South East. If your project is further afield just give us a call, the team at Purfleet Fabrications (UK) Ltd will endeavour to help.

UKCA Marked

At Purfleet Fabrications (UK) we take pride in being fully UKCA Marked, demonstrating our commitment to quality, safety, and compliance.

Since July 2011, a new EU regulation requires all structural steel fabricators to obtain accreditation for UKCA Marking on the 71 products covered by the regulation that they sell for structural purposes. This accreditation is known as BS EN 1090.

Without this accreditation, steel manufacturers are technically selling steel for structural use illegally. To achieve accreditation, companies must ensure their welders have appropriate qualifications, appoint a "responsible welding coordinator" to oversee and approve welding quality regularly, and use UKCA Marked welding consumables. This process ensures traceability and control over all aspects of structural component production.

Additionally, Purfleet Fabrications also holds ISO 9001 accreditation, running in parallel with BS EN 1090.

UKCA Marking of construction products is a certification introduced under the Construction Products Directive (CPD) to demonstrate compliance with essential requirements and standards. It indicates that a product meets safety and performance standards, allowing it to be freely traded within the European Economic Area (EEA). Manufacturers must obtain UKCA Marking for certain construction products, including steel components, to legally sell them for structural purposes. The certification ensures traceability and control over the product's production process, promoting quality, safety, and conformity within the European market.

To achieve ISO 1090 and UKCA Marking, we followed these steps:

  • Implemented ISO 9001 quality management system covering facilities, people, training, services, and equipment.
  • Ensured welders possess qualifications like BS EN 287-1 or ISO 9601-1, and appointed an in-house Responsible Welding Coordinator (RWC).
  • Underwent UKAS Certification through a three-stage audit involving Factory Production Control, design evaluation, and welding assessment.
  • Passed surveillance audits (once CE certified) with an initial audit in the first year, followed by surveillance visits every two to three years.

Purfleet Fabrications has partnered with ISOQAR and successfully fulfilled all audits, demonstrating our commitment to compliance. Contact us for secure and fully covered steel products under this new regulation.